Who I am
A dreamer, a builder, a doer; I've always had an enormous curiosity of things, and love to imagine. I'm very passionate about taking ideas and bringing them to life. People are always coming up with ideas, but the execution is the path to manifesting dreams into reality or products. I always want to dream, build, and play.​​​​​​​
What I like
In regards to technology, I love great UX that’s brought to life with great UI. I'm also a lover of all things web, as I feel it is the backdrop of our digital lives. Seeing the sublime in how the data points of life and our interactions can come to life in profound experiences.
What I Do
Time spent outside of my relationship with my computer is comprised of scuba diving, playing my guitar, and snowboarding. I also get out with friends to go hiking or travel to see my family throughout our great land.
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